Gloucester Boxes is proud to be affiliated with Gloucester Self Storage. If you require storage as a part of your move or decluttering, we can look after your belongings in our modern dehumidified warehouse.

Gloucester Self Storage is a family run business that has been operating for over 30 years in the heart of Gloucester. With over 250 rooms and over 500 containers, we are able to look after any customers requirements for self storage. Furthermore we can cater for archive storage for any solicitor, accountant or local authority.

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Gloucester self storage

If you also require removals then please see our removals page here or see our dedicated removals website here.

Gloucester Self Storage is a family run business. The majority of our customers coming from Gloucestershire itself ( Cheltenham, Stroud, Tewkesbury and Gloucester ) as well as attracting customers from all over the UK including London, Birmingham and beyond.

Our aim at Gloucester Self Storage is to offer a friendly family-run business catering to all your storage needs. Therefore Gloucester Self Storage has the benefit of offering two types of storage for its customers: storage rooms and storage containers.

Storage rooms – for as little as £10.00 per week – allow customers regular access to their belongings.

Storage containers (not to be confused with metal containers) are a more economical way of storing your possessions. If regular access is not required. Containers offer you 35sqft of space for as little as £14.00 per week. In addition, all our containers are kept under the same warehouse conditions as our rooms. All kept inside our dehumidified and secure warehouse.

Gloucester Self Storage can accommodate to the needs of the customer, with the ability to arrange removals, packing, loading and unloading of shipping containers and air freight. Insurance for belongings stored is an optional extra at only £6 per month for £5000 of cover.

We currently store for various clients, including local authorities and organisations. Solicitors and accountants also store all their archive storage with us in our dry warehouse. Customers seeking storage for personal items or during the process of moving house have the option to choose which type of storage would sui them best. For instance, our longest customer to date stored with us for over 30 years.

The main way that customers hear about us is through recommendations and word of mouth. We strive for 5* customer service. For example, just take a look at our reviews.

Situated on St. Albans Road, off Empire Way. Ideally situated 2 miles from the city centre and only 5 miles from the M5. We welcome customers looking for storage from outside of Gloucestershire and abroad. For Instance previous customers have stored from London, Devon and Oxfordshire. As well as: Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Falkland Islands, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Trinidad and the US.